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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's talk sex!

With Sue Johanson of course! I've watched her show many, many times and I have to say that I rather admire Sue. I'll admit, I do know a few people who find her somewhat creepy but, honestly, people can call in and ask her damn near anything and she will do her best to answer that question truthfully! I mean seriously, if she has been "provided frank and honest sexual education to thousands of Canadians for the last 30 years" then she has to be doing something right! Don't you agree? I have never seen her refuse to answer a question due to sexual preferences either! I personally have no idea what sexual orientation Sue Johanson is nor do I care but, she does her best to answer any one's questions! While I may find myself disagreeing with her from time to time, I really think she is a true benefit to those who have questions that they need answered. I've watched her suggest some really great books a few times when she wasn't 100% sure of her answer too. At least if she doesn't know, she will point you in the right direction! I almost had to draw the line when she did a review of an erotic knitting book though. I could just picture a bunch of grandma's sitting around knitting pasties but, then she admitted that the pasties she had knitted were being auctioned off on ebay with the proceeds going to charity. What's not to like about that? The book is called, "Naughty Needles" and you can find it here near the bottom of the page on the left hand side. So, creepy or not...I find myself to be a Talk Sex with Sue follower! How about you? =)