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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Njoy eleven! Because a perfect 10 just wasn't enough!

I want you to feast your eyes upon this smokin hot stainless steel dildo from Njoy!

It's called the Njoy eleven and it can be found
here I want one of these so bad! I can just imagine how fantastic all of that stainless steel goodness would feel on my body! Mmmm! Too bad it costs around $300..... Oh Santa Clause! Where are you?

This leads me to talk about how great I think the Njoy fun wand is! I've owned the fun wand for quite a few months now and it never fails to satisfy my needs! I've used the anal end both anally and vaginally and find it delightful either way! It was my first ever experience with stainless steel and I was not let down at all! I'm so glad that I added this little gem to my collection and I know it's bound to stay there for a lifetime! Who doesn't love stainless steel? You can heat it up, cool it down, sterilize it....It's awesome! Maybe I will get the opportunity in the future to bring home Njoy's eleven to keep the fun wand company! =)

I do have the pleasure of reviewing sex toys for a couple of different companies right now. I received my first free product from the other day and I can't wait to find out if it's a great toy, a so so toy or a toy that you shouldn't waste your time or money on. It is called the "cock commander". Tell me that isn't a big name to live up to! Maybe I'll get a chance to see how it works out tonight! I can't wait! is also offering a wicked promotion pack contest where you can enter to win some great wicked products! It's to help promote wickeds new releases, "The Wicked" and "Fallen." I can't wait to watch them! Yay! New porn! =)


Epiphora said...

I lust after Njoy toys too! Don't have any yet, though. The bulbs look really nice on that one. I'm interested to see how the Cock Commander works out.