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Monday, October 27, 2008

Some glow-in-the dark Halloween glass!

With the impending Halloween holiday looming before us, I was a bit confused on whether I should host a fantastic Halloween party or take the money I would have spent on hosting a fantastic Halloween party and buy myself something a little special! It turns out I found something really cool that I think I may just have to have! I mean, after all, I could always attend someone else's Halloween party! =)

Xhale enterprises (see link at the bottom) makes the first and only glow-in-the dark glass dildo's I have ever seen! How great is that?! This would be fantastic for Halloween or any other day! They have varieties that charge under a normal 60 watt light bulb or others that glow when exposed to a black light. I have read that under normal light, these glass dildo's are completely clear! Wow! I am so wanting one of these! The example you see to the left of this text is an example of their "Blue glow roughrider." Simply charge it under a 60 watt bulb and it glows in the dark with electric blue effects! Sweet! I found my Halloween safety light! =P

Next, is an example of their "uv odyssey." This particular glow-in-the dark glass dildo, glows when exposed to a black light. How cool is that?! I think I may find myself splurging in the near future just so I can get my hands on one of these! It might be awhile though since I've just splurged on too many things already!

I've found that most of my favorite dildo's are made from glass. I really like the texture and it's one of the safest materials out there for your body! They lube up so easily that alot of times just a drop will do! They are extremely easy to clean and don't absorb anything! No funky smells here! Maybe hubby will surprise me with one of these babies soon!

Anyway, if you would like to find out more about them, just click the link to Xhale enterprises at the bottom of this page. You will see the category for uv glow toys on the left and you can see the complete list of all of these adorable glass dildo's!

Who wouldn't want one of these in their treat bucket on Halloween night? Can you hear me saying, "Trick-or-Treat!"


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