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Friday, October 24, 2008

Yay! We have a blog!

Ok, so this is our first entry for our brand spankin' new blog! Woohoo! We really have no idea where we are going with this from this point on but, I'm sure it will be fun along the way!

So, to tell you a little bit about ourselves, we're a married couple with three kids. We truly enjoy sex but, with three kids that can be tricky at times....YAY for Grandma! With the kids safely staying at grandmas we are free to do as we wish! It's always nice not having to be quiet all the time!

We are into pretty much anything that allows us to spend time together whether that is restraining each other to the bed so we can't run off or giving each other a sensual massage. It's all good! So very good! Anyway, I guess if your up to it, we'll be posting some of our adventures in the bedroom along the way!

Haha! That reminds me of something. It was more of a sexual mis-adventure. You see, my daughter is rather gabby and cannot hold anything back. That being said, I also should tell you that my oldest son loves playing video games. Well he talked us into letting him play grand theft auto vice city.....that was until I realized what the game was like. By that time, it was a bit too late. You see, my son was running a virtual porn studio right in my own living room. I could have killed him! Especially when my extremely gabby daughter went to school and told her teacher that her mommy runs a porn studio at home! Sheesh! If I was running a porn studio in my own home, she would have been the last one I ever told! Ha! That led to some really strange looks from the school for awhile! Needless to say, I have learned to screen my son's games now. It gives me an excuse to play them before he does and laugh that I know how to do everything! Moral of the story.....KNOW WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE PLAYING! =)


Betty Rocket said...

Looking forward to reading all you post!!