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Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving ahead......

I feel as though this past weekend has brought about a turning point for me where I can move ahead and leave some of the fears that have been bothering me behind. As almost a bonus or confirmation of this, I arrived home to find a box on my porch. Curiously I opened it to find that the fantastic staff of Babeland have came through for me! YAY! I guess that means I can now add them to the list of who I will be reviewing for. I'm really excited too as I do LOVE Babeland and I'm envious of their in store activities that I cannot attend due to my location. I hope that in the future, one of our travel destinations will place us in their near vicinity because I would just love to visit them in person! Who wouldn't? It's definitely near the top of my "to do" list!

On another note, I didn't get to spend as much time with hubby this weekend as I had planned on. He had made previous plans that interfered with this but, that's okay because he had fun and we all need some time to ourselves or maybe just away sometimes right? I'm glad he had fun and we by no means have any problems in our relationship. We're about as solid as they come. Okay, I'm getting into the accidental puns now.....sorry.......Anyway, I'm sure most of you in a long term relationship/marriage can understand what I mean. I trust him completely and I know he trusts me just as much so never fear! We're truly meant for each other!

I do hope to provide some more insight or tips on getting him into anal play soon though! I'll keep you posted! Once more before I close, Thank you Babeland! I'm glad to be aboard! =)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did I say time to relax? Oops!

Well, I logged onto the computer this morning only to find a major problem with leaked information from Edenfantasys and I am a bit freaked to say the least. Here, just when I think I can relax having most of our Christmas shopping done already (I always try to get it done before black friday so we can devote black friday to ourselves...selfish? Maybe...) only to find that there has been a major privacy leak that could possibly effect me or anyone who has ever done reviews for Edenfantasys ugh! Let me direct you to AAG's blog for more information on what has happened and you can also find responses to this leak at Edenfantasys forum. I send my most solemn words of hope to anyone affected by this! This should have never ever happened! It's truly disheartening! =(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time to relax....

Well, hubby and I have finally gotten back to an almost normal routine now. Stuff with the kids and Christmas shopping has taken it's toll but, now that we have almost everything bought for everyone on our list this year, we can relax! Just in time too as we have just received four new items from to review! YAY! It makes me wonder though as I stare at my new toys, what makes someone pick the toys that they do? Everyone is so different in their selection process that it makes me curious. I love glass for many reasons but, its slickness and temperature variations are the top reasons. There are those out there who do love the jelly toys though even though the majority of them contain phthalates which are potentially hazardous chemicals used to soften the material. I personally try to stay away from jelly materials because of this. It just boggles my mind!

I've just began to get hubby into a bit of anal play and I definitely won't be going with jelly! Strictly silicone so far! I did have to get him over the whole issue of "am I gay if I like anal play". Surprisingly there is a huge number of people out there who truly think anal play is going to change their sexual orientation. I mean come on! If you like girls, you like girls....If you like guys, you like guys....If you like both you like both and so on! Enjoying anal play is not going to change that fact at all! I've gotten him well over this stigma and now it's on to the fun part! Experimenting with what he might like! So far he squirts loads quickly with just my finger shoved up his bum! I can't wait to see where this might lead us in the future! As far as myself...I enjoy a dick up my bum on occasion! Don't you?

I can't wait for this weekend! The kids will be safely at their grandma's house and hubby and I will be able to catch up on some much needed alone time! I think I'll make him my slave!

My favorite cobalt blue dichroic g-spot shaft from phallix purchased from Edenfantasys

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cock Commander review

Hold on to your socks because this one will knock them right off! Can you believe it? A vibrating cock ring that actually performs! Who would have thought such a thing exists? How many cock rings have you tried that had little spikes or nubs strategically placed right above your partners cock practically laying on top of that marvelous erection? I'd personally like to know who has a clit in this location. I mean seriously... I always did find vibrating cock rings to be a fascinating idea if only they worked. Well, I have finally found one worth raving about! The Cock Commander from California Exotics has been gifted upon me by the wonderful folks at bettersex. Now I truly know what a vibrating cock ring is supposed to do! While the Cock Commander does still have some longer nubs located in the same ridiculous location as it's predecessors, the removable vibrating bullet is situated in a way so that it really makes no difference and you can achieve maximum clitoral contact despite this fact! You see, instead of the bullet being inserted into the sleeve of the cock ring sits in the sleeve vertically! Someone finally got it! Hooray! As an added bonus, it's made from phthalate free TPR which is quite stretchy and comfortable to wear. It's a double ring design allowing a ring for your cock and another ring for your balls. My wonderful partner found this to really help him control his ejaculation quite effectively with an end result of a stronger orgasm overall. As far as myself....with his rock hard cock drove deep into my hot pussy, that little bullet fit perfectly onto my remaining slit. The provided bullet is waterproof with only one speed and this did prove to be less than what we require so, we replaced the included bullet with a much stronger one from our private collection. That made all the difference in the world! The bottom line is, this is the first ever cock ring that we can find reason to brag about! It hits my clit, doesn't take away from his length with big thick bulky rings, it's phthalate free and everything we've been looking for in a cock ring! Go ahead and give it a try! You can find them at bettersex and I've had nothing but fantastic service from them! They have discreet billing and shipping as well as great customer service with fast replies to any questions! I know they have treated us remarkably well so far! 5 stars to them!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting back on track.

Maybe I can get things going again around here! The fall festival that my daughter was a participant in is now over thank goodness! It was a disaster though.... Not the voting box, it was actually pretty good! It was much better, in my opinion, than any other voting boxes there but, did she win anything for the box? Nope. Tiki huts won. Why? Well, to be honest it was all so blatently obvious I don't see how anyone who attended couldn't figure it out! No, my daughter wasn't chosen for the queen nor did she win a prize for her box consisting of Stitch in a hula skirt but, neither did anyone else unless they were in the third grade! You see, my daughter is a fifth grader and this is her last year at this particular elementary school. She'll be moving over to the middle school next year. That really had nothing to do with it because, it was all about the third grade you see? The principals daughter is in the third grade and she could not run for queen because she is in student council. Strange how the queen and king candidate from her class won. Also strange how only third graders won anything including a table and chair set that was raffled off. Who you might ask won the 50/50 drawing? Why the principal himself of course! Tell me this shit wasn't rigged! From the third to the fifth grade, third grade won everything. Bullshit!

Anyway, at least I can get back on track now since this is all over with for now! I just thought I would let you all know the results!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

...Will I ever be done?

First of all, I hope that everyone out there had a fantastic Halloween! Mine was pretty good but, no matter how many houses I went to, no one threw a glow-in-the dark glass dildo from Xhale in my bucket! People seriously need to get some better treats! Yeah....yeah......I know, my kids had a fantastic time and got lots of junk that they are still sticky from but, I think their sugar high is finally starting to wear off a bit.

Monday I had to start "helping"(okay, rather me doing and her watching giving me her expect critique!)my daughter make a voting box. She's a queen candidate for the fall festival this weekend and we're responsible for making her this elaborate voting box so hubby and I are learning how to make paper mache. Ugh! It's the first time I've ever done it and I already hate paper mache! It's messy, messy, messy! It makes my head hurt just to think about it! I really, really, really hope it's finished on time and dry! If it turns into a total disaster, maybe I can fake an illness or something. Ha! If it turns out okay, maybe I'll post a picture of it on here for everyone to see. So, if you don't ever see a picture or see me mentioning it again...don't ask! That means it was a disaster! Until then, I will just keep crossing my fingers and relying on my non-existent artistic capabilities!

So, it's voting day! I know who I voted for and hope a gob of other people did too! Really, it doesn't matter as long as everyone actually got to get out there and vote! I was surprised to find out that a local voting place today had to stall everyone for an hour and a half before they could get in to vote! Can you believe it? Everyone showed up there bright and early to cast their ballots and.......someone lost the keys! How can that happen? Seriously? Who looses the keys to the voting office the day of the presidential election? Pfffttt! I bet someone got an earful over that one!

Needless to say, hubby and I have had very limited opportunities to have sex for a few days now and I'm beginning to get pretty frustrated! I feel like I need a serious vacation! Even if it was just a few days away at a local hotel without the kids it would be great! I love my kids, I really do but they make my head hurt! The older two fighting all the time and the 2 year old refusing to use his potty makes it feel as though there is a troll in my head trying to beat it's way out! Usually by the end of the day, hubby and I just lay down and fall asleep in each others arms......too tired for much else....