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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did I say time to relax? Oops!

Well, I logged onto the computer this morning only to find a major problem with leaked information from Edenfantasys and I am a bit freaked to say the least. Here, just when I think I can relax having most of our Christmas shopping done already (I always try to get it done before black friday so we can devote black friday to ourselves...selfish? Maybe...) only to find that there has been a major privacy leak that could possibly effect me or anyone who has ever done reviews for Edenfantasys ugh! Let me direct you to AAG's blog for more information on what has happened and you can also find responses to this leak at Edenfantasys forum. I send my most solemn words of hope to anyone affected by this! This should have never ever happened! It's truly disheartening! =(