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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting back on track.

Maybe I can get things going again around here! The fall festival that my daughter was a participant in is now over thank goodness! It was a disaster though.... Not the voting box, it was actually pretty good! It was much better, in my opinion, than any other voting boxes there but, did she win anything for the box? Nope. Tiki huts won. Why? Well, to be honest it was all so blatently obvious I don't see how anyone who attended couldn't figure it out! No, my daughter wasn't chosen for the queen nor did she win a prize for her box consisting of Stitch in a hula skirt but, neither did anyone else unless they were in the third grade! You see, my daughter is a fifth grader and this is her last year at this particular elementary school. She'll be moving over to the middle school next year. That really had nothing to do with it because, it was all about the third grade you see? The principals daughter is in the third grade and she could not run for queen because she is in student council. Strange how the queen and king candidate from her class won. Also strange how only third graders won anything including a table and chair set that was raffled off. Who you might ask won the 50/50 drawing? Why the principal himself of course! Tell me this shit wasn't rigged! From the third to the fifth grade, third grade won everything. Bullshit!

Anyway, at least I can get back on track now since this is all over with for now! I just thought I would let you all know the results!