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Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving ahead......

I feel as though this past weekend has brought about a turning point for me where I can move ahead and leave some of the fears that have been bothering me behind. As almost a bonus or confirmation of this, I arrived home to find a box on my porch. Curiously I opened it to find that the fantastic staff of Babeland have came through for me! YAY! I guess that means I can now add them to the list of who I will be reviewing for. I'm really excited too as I do LOVE Babeland and I'm envious of their in store activities that I cannot attend due to my location. I hope that in the future, one of our travel destinations will place us in their near vicinity because I would just love to visit them in person! Who wouldn't? It's definitely near the top of my "to do" list!

On another note, I didn't get to spend as much time with hubby this weekend as I had planned on. He had made previous plans that interfered with this but, that's okay because he had fun and we all need some time to ourselves or maybe just away sometimes right? I'm glad he had fun and we by no means have any problems in our relationship. We're about as solid as they come. Okay, I'm getting into the accidental puns now.....sorry.......Anyway, I'm sure most of you in a long term relationship/marriage can understand what I mean. I trust him completely and I know he trusts me just as much so never fear! We're truly meant for each other!

I do hope to provide some more insight or tips on getting him into anal play soon though! I'll keep you posted! Once more before I close, Thank you Babeland! I'm glad to be aboard! =)