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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time to relax....

Well, hubby and I have finally gotten back to an almost normal routine now. Stuff with the kids and Christmas shopping has taken it's toll but, now that we have almost everything bought for everyone on our list this year, we can relax! Just in time too as we have just received four new items from to review! YAY! It makes me wonder though as I stare at my new toys, what makes someone pick the toys that they do? Everyone is so different in their selection process that it makes me curious. I love glass for many reasons but, its slickness and temperature variations are the top reasons. There are those out there who do love the jelly toys though even though the majority of them contain phthalates which are potentially hazardous chemicals used to soften the material. I personally try to stay away from jelly materials because of this. It just boggles my mind!

I've just began to get hubby into a bit of anal play and I definitely won't be going with jelly! Strictly silicone so far! I did have to get him over the whole issue of "am I gay if I like anal play". Surprisingly there is a huge number of people out there who truly think anal play is going to change their sexual orientation. I mean come on! If you like girls, you like girls....If you like guys, you like guys....If you like both you like both and so on! Enjoying anal play is not going to change that fact at all! I've gotten him well over this stigma and now it's on to the fun part! Experimenting with what he might like! So far he squirts loads quickly with just my finger shoved up his bum! I can't wait to see where this might lead us in the future! As far as myself...I enjoy a dick up my bum on occasion! Don't you?

I can't wait for this weekend! The kids will be safely at their grandma's house and hubby and I will be able to catch up on some much needed alone time! I think I'll make him my slave!

My favorite cobalt blue dichroic g-spot shaft from phallix purchased from Edenfantasys