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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

...Will I ever be done?

First of all, I hope that everyone out there had a fantastic Halloween! Mine was pretty good but, no matter how many houses I went to, no one threw a glow-in-the dark glass dildo from Xhale in my bucket! People seriously need to get some better treats! Yeah....yeah......I know, my kids had a fantastic time and got lots of junk that they are still sticky from but, I think their sugar high is finally starting to wear off a bit.

Monday I had to start "helping"(okay, rather me doing and her watching giving me her expect critique!)my daughter make a voting box. She's a queen candidate for the fall festival this weekend and we're responsible for making her this elaborate voting box so hubby and I are learning how to make paper mache. Ugh! It's the first time I've ever done it and I already hate paper mache! It's messy, messy, messy! It makes my head hurt just to think about it! I really, really, really hope it's finished on time and dry! If it turns into a total disaster, maybe I can fake an illness or something. Ha! If it turns out okay, maybe I'll post a picture of it on here for everyone to see. So, if you don't ever see a picture or see me mentioning it again...don't ask! That means it was a disaster! Until then, I will just keep crossing my fingers and relying on my non-existent artistic capabilities!

So, it's voting day! I know who I voted for and hope a gob of other people did too! Really, it doesn't matter as long as everyone actually got to get out there and vote! I was surprised to find out that a local voting place today had to stall everyone for an hour and a half before they could get in to vote! Can you believe it? Everyone showed up there bright and early to cast their ballots and.......someone lost the keys! How can that happen? Seriously? Who looses the keys to the voting office the day of the presidential election? Pfffttt! I bet someone got an earful over that one!

Needless to say, hubby and I have had very limited opportunities to have sex for a few days now and I'm beginning to get pretty frustrated! I feel like I need a serious vacation! Even if it was just a few days away at a local hotel without the kids it would be great! I love my kids, I really do but they make my head hurt! The older two fighting all the time and the 2 year old refusing to use his potty makes it feel as though there is a troll in my head trying to beat it's way out! Usually by the end of the day, hubby and I just lay down and fall asleep in each others arms......too tired for much else....