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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've been bad....

It's true, I have been bad. I have neglected my blog for a few weeks now and I'm sorry. Things have been so busy over the holidays that I just simply hadn't gotten a chance to blog. From going shopping with relatives to making sure I have wrapped everything as well as helping make Christmas dinner, I have been exhausted! Last week I had a bout of the stomach flu which only agitated my horrible PMS symptoms I've been having for awhile now since going off of Depo Provera 11 months ago! I still have no period and feel like crap a lot but my Dr. says it's okay and things will get back to normal eventually. The symptoms are subsiding today and have left me with only a dull ache in my back for least until next month and maybe then I will actually get a period.....maybe. I'm also getting my sex drive back today and can't wait to try something out tonight! Hubby will be pleasantly surprised and glad that I am feeling better! He's been so supportive of me and helpful that I can't even describe my thankfulness! I love him so much! Not only that but, he smells nice too.......=P

Soon it will be the New Year! Yay! Yet another year to notch into my bedpost! I have no plans but, that's because I don't want any. I just want to relax for this celebration with my kids. Hubby has to work as usual. He should be here by 12 so that I can give him a kiss but, that's only if they don't hold him over which they have a tendency of doing. I've picked up some firecrackers for us to ring in the new year with I just hope there aren't too many of my neighbors who will be shooting off guns this year. We live in the country and they have done this forever but, it does scare me. Who knows what they are shooting at!! I just find myself wondering if anyone else out there deals with this every New Year.... I'm not scared of guns because hubby has used them in the Marine corp as well as with his job and knows proper safety. It's careless people with guns that scare me! I mean, you shoot a gun up into the air and that bullet is eventually going to have to return to's called gravity! Some people just don't get that! So, everyone out there, if you plan on shooting a gun this year......PLEASE be safe about it! Think about where that bullet will end up at before hand! Sorry to go off on a tangent like that but you'd be surprised at how many accidents happen like this! Everyone...BE SAFE! =)

Well, I'm off to look through my stockpile of sex toys to decide what to surprise hubby with tonight! I have several reviews left to do and I can't wait to try them all! =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Difficult sex life.....

Yes, that's right.... It's been kind of hard to have sex lately but, not because of any problems that affect hubby or I. You see, it's the three kids. Yes, three.... Sometimes our sex life gets interrupted because of this as anyone who has kids already knows. It's a good thing that I love them so unconditionally!

I realized the other night how much our sex life has been affected over the last week when my two year old was chewing on his daddy's arm. You see, I was facing hubby as his arm was being chewed on by the two year old (who was convinced at the time that he was a T-Rex) and we were actually giving each other those "I really need some quality sex" looks. How odd I thought. That we had actually resolved to giving each other passionate glances while being chew toys for the toddler..... That's not mentioning the other two older children who are extremely nosy especially at this time of year thinking that they might over hear what gift someone is getting. I'm glad that they will get a break from school soon because I feel that they need it but, at the same time I'm dreading it! Thank goodness for Grandma once again! I'm sure she will need some company in the upcoming weeks!

Tonight, I am making no excuses and I am going to lead hubby through the tangled mass of toys covering our living room floor, over the cheerios thrown about that I will vacuum up tomorrow and into the bedroom where we will have our release! Victory is ours tonight!

Good luck to all of you parents out there! We feel your pain!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ophoria pleasure No. 6 review!

One of the items included in my package last week from Babeland was a 100% silicone suction cup dildo called the Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 and I do have to say that this is my first ever suction cup type dildo I've added to my collection. Odd that I haven't used one before now considering my varied choices but, I'm glad that I've finally given one a try! I guess because this was my first ever suction cup type dildo, I was a bit annoying with it sticking it everywhere. No one was safe! Just a little bit of lube (or spit...)applied to this baby and it will stick anywhere you stick it! I even stuck it all over mine and hubbys body and you'd be amazed at how well it sticks to our foreheads and knees! Once playtime was over, it was time to put this baby to work so, I cleaned it off which is easily done by washing it with antibacterial soap and water or using toy cleaner can also boil this one for sanitary reasons because it's 100% silicone and therefore phthalate free! This is a firm 100% silicone dildo though so, keep that in mind! While it is flexible, you have to actually bend it yourself but, ahhhh! It retains no smells!

I stuck it to the dresser and fucked myself for a bit before noticing that the suction had kind of bled off a bit so that it didn't stay stuck. "That sucks!" I thought and quickly stuck it to a kitchen chair and began fucking myself again only to find that it again bled off a bit and didn't stay stuck. I ended up handing it over to hubby and telling him to fuck me with it which he had no complaints doing. I do have to say that the slightly rounded head of this dildo made insertion quite comfortable though I didn't feel any of the ridges(they run down both sides and look similar to musical notes)internally. I did get pleasure from rubbing the little "bump"(located just under the penis head)on my clit though this same "bump" did cause me to bite my lip once when I was sucking on it.

As far as size goes, this little pink wonder measure in at a whopping 4" circumference.....okay so, maybe it's not whopping but, it fit my body quite well! I would say the diameter is about 1 1/4". Good for me but, bad for size queens! Sorry!

If a dildo that doesn't vibrate isn't for you but, you have a hitachi magic wand laying around doing nothing...then voila! You can easily shove this dildo in your pussy and push your hitachi up to the base and your problems have been solved! You have just turned a non-vibrator into a vibrator! Yippeee!

If I had to rate this dildo on a 1 through 5 orgasmic meter, I'd rate it a 4. I took an orgasm away because it just didn't have the staying power on the suction cup that I had hoped for. I guess it's possible that I just wore it out a bit sticking it everywhere when I first got it but, I still feel that it should have stayed better. It's definitely worth the investment given it's ability to please me as well as the superior material it's made from so, if you want one too, then go to Babeland and get one today!