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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Difficult sex life.....

Yes, that's right.... It's been kind of hard to have sex lately but, not because of any problems that affect hubby or I. You see, it's the three kids. Yes, three.... Sometimes our sex life gets interrupted because of this as anyone who has kids already knows. It's a good thing that I love them so unconditionally!

I realized the other night how much our sex life has been affected over the last week when my two year old was chewing on his daddy's arm. You see, I was facing hubby as his arm was being chewed on by the two year old (who was convinced at the time that he was a T-Rex) and we were actually giving each other those "I really need some quality sex" looks. How odd I thought. That we had actually resolved to giving each other passionate glances while being chew toys for the toddler..... That's not mentioning the other two older children who are extremely nosy especially at this time of year thinking that they might over hear what gift someone is getting. I'm glad that they will get a break from school soon because I feel that they need it but, at the same time I'm dreading it! Thank goodness for Grandma once again! I'm sure she will need some company in the upcoming weeks!

Tonight, I am making no excuses and I am going to lead hubby through the tangled mass of toys covering our living room floor, over the cheerios thrown about that I will vacuum up tomorrow and into the bedroom where we will have our release! Victory is ours tonight!

Good luck to all of you parents out there! We feel your pain!