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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh Honey!

Well, I got up this morning having those same old PMS symptoms that I’ve been having every month for a year now. You know the ones, sore boobs, bloating, headache and cramps in my back. The funny thing is, I never actually get my period. Ever since I went off of depo provera, I’ve been waiting for it to return but, still it has not. I’m really not sure if it every will but, my gyno seems to think it’s completely normal and that I shouldn’t worry just yet. Maybe she’s right but, during my use of depo provera, I had a spike in the amount of yeast infections that I developed. Thank goodness that is now tapering off and I haven’t had one in months but, during my time of trials and tribulation, I rarely had a yeast infection cream available when I needed it. That is when I was informed by a close friend to use honey. "Honey?" I asked. She assured me that it was safe and that it would relieve the itching. I let this information go into one ear and out the other until one night I just couldn’t sleep because of yet another yeast infection that itched like mad! That is when I saw the honey in the cabinet. Now mind you, you should be prepared to shower if you attempt this but, I simply sat on the toilet naked as I rubbed honey all over the itchy area. To my surprise, it stung a little. It wasn’t anything too horrible and I had in fact experienced worse stinging from a certain stimulating lubricant before. I sat there for maybe ten minutes after making a sticky mess of my toilet seat wondering how I was going to get all of this off of myself since it was now matted into my pubic hair as well as dripping from me. I jumped into the shower and to my surprise, the honey rinsed off easily with just water. The main thing here though, the itching had most definitely subsided. I was shocked and a little worried that I may have made the infection worse because, after all, sugar can induce a yeast infection.

Finished with the shower, I toweled myself off before pulling on my jammies and headed back to bed. Surprisingly, the itchy had subsided enough that I was able to sleep. The next morning I did go and purchase a yeast infection cream even though I still was not itching, but I can’t help finding it amazing that this sweet substance had actually helped! Just let me get this straight, sugar=bad for the vagina right? Apparently honey, though sweet, is the exception to the rule. Perhaps it could be used successfully to add flavor to oral sex since it didn’t seem to harm me in any way other than stinging just a tad. Perhaps it is also safe to cover my entire body in honey and splosh in it too! Nah, I think I would have to pass on’s just too damn sticky!

Needless to say, I had to explain my experience to another close friend. She didn’t seem too surprised and informed me of yet another cure. Anxious to hear, I listened as she explained how her grandma used to use garlic. "What?!" I asked. "That’s right!" She assured me and went on to explain that you can either insert a fresh clove of garlic into your vagina or use minced garlic wrapped in gauze. You then leave it in as long as you care to. Now I don’t know about you but, I can’t imagine what that must smell like! Just for your information I have not tried this out but, I probably would if I was desperate enough! Hopefully I won’t be too desperate for a long time to come! Who knows though, it may be the best alternative out there!

Anyway, I just thought I would share this information with you because in light of the recent ice storm we have experienced, I personally would not be able to make it anywhere to buy a yeast infection cream right now. Perhaps there is some poor soul out there who is stuck at home with a yeast infection and this information might help them some. Hopefully my yeast infections will not return any time soon and I’m almost positive they were linked to the depo provera injections anyway. I rarely had a problem before taking those injections and they have finally tapered off! I really feel for anyone out there dealing with one right now. They are Hell! Maybe this will help some......

One last note, I would love to hear anyone else’s experience with honey or garlic and even some new suggestions too! I just find it interesting to know that there are alternatives out there! Go ahead and send me a message via hornytoads69(at)gmail(dot)com!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuyo review

The wonderful folks at Babeland have bestowed upon me the Tuyo massager from Big tease toys for one reason only. They want to know my honest opinion of this little sex toy so, how can I disappoint? I was able to give it a few test runs over the weekend and the first thing that impressed me was the satin lined, padded storage box. Now there is something to be said about a sex toy that arrives in it’s own padded storage container and I feel that more manufacturers should jump on the band wagon and provide their own too! The little black ball looked so cute nestled into it’s own resting place just waiting to be brought out and played with! When I pulled it out and placed it in my palm, I couldn’t help but think how closely it resembled an 8 ball from a pool ball set. "Cute!" I thought to myself as I began inspecting it for the battery compartment. It did come with instructions but, it’s not rocket science and didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. The battery cap is also the push button end of this plastic orb so, you simply grasp the silicone band placed in the center for better grip and twist it off exposing the battery holder. It requires 3 AAA batteries for operation and they are easily inserted and removed and don’t require the use of something handy to pry them out with! With the battery cap now replaced with batteries inside, I pushed the single button to switch it on to find the vibrations identical to that of my Onye which is also made by Big tease toys. Those vibrations consist of three different speeds of steady vibration followed by five different pulsation patterns sure to please just about anyone but, the vibrations are more diffuse than with my Onye that has more of a pinpoint vibration. The Tuyo is more of an all over vibration in comparison. This is where I began to encounter a problem. While playing around with the vibrations my new Tuyo began to shut off when rolled in my hands and upon further investigation, I found that it would shut off when the sides were squeezed. "Damn!" I cursed while telling hubby it was broken. He told me to calm down.....while chuckling I might add.....and told me that the batteries were not getting good contact. He then took it from me and did something(I have no idea what)to it and told me he had fixed it. Well, low and behold, he had fixed it. Yay for hubby! Onward with the vibrations! So, I now could roll the Tuyo all over myself and hubby without it shutting off but, this is when I realized how LOUD it is! While the first two speeds aren’t anything too horrible, the highest setting is LOUD! I’m talking nearly Hitachi loud here! Funny how something so small can be so loud! On to the playing, this massage ball felt really great and added a new sensation rolling it over our bodies and between our bodies but, it just didn’t hit the mark for solo play because this one just wouldn’t do it for me alone. With no pinpoint vibration and the ball actually vibrating my entire crotch, I couldn’t do it.... This is when I noticed if you hold the button down for a few seconds, it will shut off without having to cycle through all of the vibrations. On a happier note, it turned out to be a good thing for hubby! You see, with myself positioned in the reverse cowgirl, I could press this ball up against hubby’s balls (yeah there were some jokes about him having three balls..) giving him a fantastic sensation! So, while it may not have worked out too well for me during partner play, it was fantastic for hubby! Who knew!? As previously stated, it is also great for overall body massage and that always helps me to get "in the mood" and it is discreet. Who would suspect this ball of being anything other than a plain old massager? These things combined with hubby’s appreciation of it left me having to give it a 3.5 out of 5 on our orgasm scale! So, if you want to tickle your partners balls too, go get one for yourself at Babeland today!

Additional Tuyo info: Diameter 3", Splashproof(do not submerge!), 3 AAA batteries required, Multifunction, Multispeed, Phthalate free!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking a break.

And I seriously need one! I won't be gone long but, I do have some toys that need trying so.....need I say more? Everything should be working on here now.....I think. The feed should be feeding, the achieve should be achieving, the comments should be commenting and so on. I plan on adding a couple more things in but, not immediately. So much to do....... I'm not really sure where this is going.....I may even change the whole background but, hubby kinda likes this one so, we'll see. Suggestions are always welcome also! to the toys! Go try out yours too!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Under construction.

Hello and welcome! I just wanted to let you all know that my blog is currently under construction and that if you notice any really weird things going on it's probably because I have screwed something up royally! So far I have only lost my blog list once.....okay maybe twice or three times..... and I think I've gotten you all added back on but, if not I am so very sorry and if you let me know about it, I'll make sure I get you back on there! If I lose my blog list again......I'll add you once again! Then, if I lose it yet again......sheesh.......yes, I will re-add you again! =P Have I mentioned all of the fun I am having? I have no idea what has possessed me to try and do this but, I have truly amazed myself! I feel oddly proud and a little dumb......okay.....a lot dumb at times.....after all, how many friggin times will I delete something before I remember not to do that! Anyway, just bare with me and if you see anything that you think looks totally dumb, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it without deleting my blog list yet again! =P Good times! Good times! So, what do you think so far? =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can be creative after all!

So, I bet you're all dying to know what I have been up to for this first week of the New Year! Okay, maybe not but, I'm going to tell you anyway. You see, I love my glass dildos. Most of you already know this but, I just wanted to stress that again. In fact, I love them so much that I just hated to see them stored in those cheap satin bags that phallix sends out with their $100+ glass dildos. I don't know about you but, I really can't afford to replace too many of those if they get broken soooo...... I decided to make my own padded storage bags! Yay! You see, I just don't think it's fair that phallix sends those cheapy bags out but....they SELL padded bags separately! That's just so not fair! I'm not really knocking phallix because I do seriously love their glass dildos or I wouldn't have bought so many. I just don't agree with the practice of selling expensive glass dildos and including a cheap satin bag that won't protect it and charging extra for a padded bag even though you've just shelled out some serious dough on their product.....see where I'm going with this? So..... a light bulb went off in my head to make my own padded bags and then I could avoid having to pay phallix extra just to store my new glass toy! Here is my first attempt at this:

Not to brag or anything but, I don't really think I did so bad actually. So, see....I can be creative after all! Here is another picture of it with the Cherry wrapped G-spot wonderMy only complaint about this bag was that it was a bit too wide. It's actually nothing major really but, I am a perfectionist so.....I made this one:
Now, this one is just about right and is much safer for my Heartbreaker. Just keep in mind that my Heartbreaker came from Xhale and not Phallix and it did arrive with a padded storage bag included for free. I have lost the original padded storage bag however, and have been keeping it in none other than a satin, unpadded phallix bag.... It kind of bugs me that I didn't put an eye on the bunny so, I think I might add that.....So, there you have it! Granted I am no professional seamstress but, I think I just might know enough to keep my glass dildos safe! Here's one last picture of both of the bags:
The materials were pretty cheap too! I had this old Halloween costume that I was probably never going to use again so, I cut it up, washed the material and bought some cheap clearanced padding/stuffing from Wal-Mart for 25 cents a bag and threw these together! I hardly ever sew anything but, I couldn't resist at least trying to make these! If I can do it, so can you! So, what do you think?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Good bye 2008.......Please be kind 2009!

"Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you've met your New Year's resolution." Jay Leno