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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TMI Tuesday!

1. What do find is the most exciting part of a new sexual encounter?

I can’t really break that one down into one thing. There’s just so much all at once for me. Probably the most powerful emotion that I am feeling during any new sexual encounter would be the, "am I doing it right?" feeling. "Am I good enough? Does that look on their face mean they like it or hate it?" I don’t know, I guess I’m just really into pleasing my partner so, I guess their pleasure is what is the most exciting for me.

2. Do you have "a most exciting part of a sexual encounter" with a usual partner?

Well, yeah. I love to orgasm and what could be more exciting than that? I do love it when hubby takes control though. It’s hard for him to do that sometimes because he is the gentle type but, every once in awhile, "Oh, Hell Yes!" Pull my hair and spank my ass! I love it!

3. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you just met?

Well, when I met hubby, I was brutally honest with him. Almost like I was just asking for him to run screaming into the night away from me! I had divorced a psycho two years previous though so, I wanted to make sure this one would judge me right off the bat if he was going to. Turns out he didn’t and I’m so glad!
As far as with people I don’t have an interest in like, in the waiting room at the doctors office or something, I’m really not too open with them. I am honest and will answer questions honestly and that may shock some people but, they shouldn’t ask if they don’t want to know!

4. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you work with?

That really depends on the person. If it’s someone that I know will go and blab to everyone else that I work with, I give them as little information as possible. If it’s someone who I know wants my honest thoughts, I will be as open and honest as they need me to be!

5. How open and honest are you about your life with a casual acquaintance who lives in your neighborhood (or the parent a your child's friend or...)?

Well, there again, it depends on the person. If it’s someone who I know does not or would not agree with me on my sexual practices then, no, I’m not very open with them. That is only because I’m trying to protect my child. I don’t feel like they should be punished for things they don’t even know about. If their friends parents knew how many sex toys I owned, they may not allow their child to be friends with mine and that’s not fair to my child. So, I just try to avoid the whole situation for their sake. I really don’t see their friends parents much anyway.

Bonus (as in optional): Define a "normal" as in "normal relationship" or "normal sex life".

Normal would be anything that works for you! Everyone is different and needs something different. If it works out mutually for you and your partner both, it’s normal! Just make sure you’re both having fun! No one should ever be forced to do something they don’t want to!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Babeland review of the Bootie anal Toy

Being that we are fairly new to anal play, we wanted to find an anal toy/plug that was not too intimidating for either of us. I personally have a bit more practice with anal than my wonderful husband so this was a perfect starting point for him. He was not scared or intimidated by the Bootie at all which is always a plus! I’ve been working with him on incorporating more anal play into his routine simply because he’s really not tried it. I could not stand to let him go on like that without either of us knowing if he would enjoy p-spot stimulation or not! My first attempt at this was using a very well lubed up finger while performing a blow job on him. He enjoyed it immensely and became much more open to the idea of something up his butt. That pretty much leads us up to the present where the Bootie comes into play!

Our first impression of the Bootie was that it was cute and petite. Just what we were looking for and Hubby was not intimidated at all! The silicone is soft and flexible while still being firm enough for easy penetration. It’s one of my favorite materials especially for butt toys because it’s phthalate free, non-porous, sterilizable, scent free and has a velvety texture. If you’re like us and your partner may just want to give this toy a try too, then you can boil it for three minutes or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution followed by a thorough rinse or even toss it into your dishwasher-top rack no soap and it’s properly sanitized for the next user! That alone makes this toy so much more appealing to us!

The Bootie is designed with a "T" shaped base that rests between your butt cheeks once it’s inserted. It’s very comfortable to wear and it didn’t budge. It stayed where it was supposed to and didn’t try to come back out or go all the way in! It did run just a tad bit shy of hitting hubby’s prostate head on but, the stimulation was still there. It was pleasurable to wear while walking around but, the most stimulation for him came from sitting up and rocking back and forth. This made the p-spot stimulation more pronounced and his erection harder. He also found it enjoyable to have a vibrator such as the Hitachi, pushed up against the base of the Bootie because the vibrations traveled well through the silicone to provide that added stimulation. His favorite part of this experiment was when he got to fuck me with the Bootie comfortably in his ass. He was able to feel his orgasm building up and when he did orgasm, it was one of the most intense he’s ever had. He also produced loads of cum due to the extra stimulation to his prostate. He definitely recommends it to any male out there who is just beginning to explore the joys of anal play!

I was the next in line to give the Bootie a try! I have had more experience with anal and hubby has even been allowed a few times to perform anal sex on me but, I’m not a huge fan of all the stretching involved with some of the larger plugs. I do truly love the full feeling provided from something up my ass but, it really doesn’t have to be anything overly large. The Bootie was just what I needed! Of course we boiled it for three minutes prior to my use of it just to make sure our butts were safe! Even though we are married and have had sex more times than I can count, everyone’s butt contains different bacteria so you’re always better safe than sorry!

The Bootie proved to stay in place well for me too and never budged. I love being dominated by my partner and feeling completely full of him. With the Bootie up my butt and his cock in my vagina I was a happy girl! I felt as though he was inside of every inch of me making me his! Claiming my ass and pussy at the same time! My orgasm proved to be quite powerful and satisfying as well! I also highly recommend it to all you females out there who just need that little extra something! The Bootie is what you’re missing!

We were both thoroughly satisfied with the Bootie and it will remain in our collection for a long time to come! Just remember to use water based lubes only as silicone lubes can possibly interact with the silicone in the Bootie causing damage.

We both highly recommend it and thanks to Babeland for supplying us with this wonderful toy! Are you intrigued and want one for yourself now? Then go to Babeland and get your Bootie today!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Babeland review of the Emotional Bliss Isis

The Emotional Bliss Isis is the smaller, less powerful sibling to the Chandra. Other than these two differences, I believe them to be identical. Simply because the Chandra is 110 hertz versus the 80 hertz from the Isis, I think the Chandra would have proved to be more successful for me even though the included booklet described 80 hertz as being "the proven frequency to stimulate orgasm." Granted I do believe it to be the "smallest rechargeable finger-fitting massager in the world."

Charging is easy. You simply plug the charger unit into a wall socket before connecting the small plug into the top of the Isis. You should not use the Isis while it is connected to the charger because this will reduce the operating life of the motor. When connected to the charger, the Isis will illuminate a blue color to let you know that charging has begun. It should be charged for 12 hours and for best results it should always be recharged after use. This should produce a minimum running time of 2 hours but, if left uncharged for long periods of time, it may cause damage to the battery. Just a final note, always make sure to use the supplied emotional bliss charger!

So, what’s in the box? First of all just let me say that any shipment from
is sent discreetly so no one will know what is being delivered! Once I removed the plain cardboard shipping box, I pulled out a big blue box that said "Emotional Bliss." The box is really over kill for such a small item so, I do have to admit I find it to be wasteful. Surely this box could be made smaller to help save on packaging but, then the long manual probably would not fit. Perhaps they could shrink that down some too. Anyway, onward with the contents! Inside, you will find: The Isis, wall socket charger, small blue bottle of water based lube, small blue bottle of silicone lube, an owners/instruction manual and three different sized finger attachments.

Operation is easy. The baby blue tip is the tip that you use on your clit while the opposite end has the on/off button. It’s a single speed toy and the button is definitely not easy to accidentally depress so, don’t worry about that! Once it’s turned on, you simply use this little toy as you would use your fingers for manual stimulation. If manual stimulation is your thing, then the Isis would greatly add to your pleasure! Of course, it’s also so small that it’s perfect to use during sex for that little extra enjoyment! It’s easy to lose in the sheets though so be careful!

I am impressed with the construction of this toy. With proper care for the batteries sake, I really think this one will last for quite some time! The main materials are plastic and TPE so there is no problem using the included sample lubes. After use, make sure to wash it off with mild soap and water but, don’t submerge it! Simply rinse it off under running water avoiding the charging port! For storage, the manual states that the box it arrived in is perfect for storing all of the components but, I threw mine out. It’s just too big.

I would recommend the Isis to anyone looking for a quality made finger vibe that is quiet and discreet! It could easily be toted anywhere and I doubt that many people would even know what it was! Not only that but, it’s uber quiet! I think most cell phones are louder on vibrate than the Isis! My only problem now is that I want the Chandra too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Depo Provera blues......

I've been busy lately. Not just with the kids and hubby but, it just seems like I'm over burdened lately and there isn't enough time in the day! To complicate things further, as most of you already know if you've been reading this blog, I have been stressing about what might be wrong with my girly parts. It's been exactly one year and a day short of a week since I got my last depo provera injection and still, no period for me. It's so frustrating to take pregnancy test after pregnancy test because I just don't know what's going on in there! Oh, I have the PMS symptoms but that's all. If no period follows these symptoms, they can easily cause you to believe a pregnancy is possible hence the numerous pregnancy test I've taken over the last year. Last week, I had enough of this and called my doctor again! This time she went ahead and scheduled me for a pelvic ultrasound just to see if everything was okay down there. I had the ultrasound Friday and had to wait until today to find out what those results might show. I'm glad that my toddler decided to be on his best behaviour today while we waited. It was such a relief! He can be quite the trouble maker if he chooses to be!

Once I was finally sent back to see my doctor, she calmly told me what had been found. Keep in mind that I was prepared for the worst and was cringing with anticipation as she said, "Everything looks perfect. You're ovaries and uterus look absolutely perfect." I was nearly bowled over with this horrible information until it finally sunk in. "What?" I questioned. She assured me that the ultrasound had shown no abnormalities or any problems whatsoever. She prescribed me some pills to take for ten days and told me that this would take care of the problem and should get my periods going again. I have no idea what they are because I haven't picked them up yet. As crazy as it may sound, now that I know my ovaries and uterus are perfect, maybe I don't really want my period back. Hahaha! I know, I know, I guess I'm just hard to please sometimes! I will pick up the pills over the next couple of days and see if they do what they are supposed to. I'm just so tired of it all! I have learned one thing though. I will never take depo provera again!

Now maybe I can take my pills and wait for my period to return while catching up on things! I have so much to do! I hope to have my review of the Isis up right here on my blog within the next couple of days. At least now I know my girly stuff is in working order!