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Monday, February 9, 2009

Depo Provera blues......

I've been busy lately. Not just with the kids and hubby but, it just seems like I'm over burdened lately and there isn't enough time in the day! To complicate things further, as most of you already know if you've been reading this blog, I have been stressing about what might be wrong with my girly parts. It's been exactly one year and a day short of a week since I got my last depo provera injection and still, no period for me. It's so frustrating to take pregnancy test after pregnancy test because I just don't know what's going on in there! Oh, I have the PMS symptoms but that's all. If no period follows these symptoms, they can easily cause you to believe a pregnancy is possible hence the numerous pregnancy test I've taken over the last year. Last week, I had enough of this and called my doctor again! This time she went ahead and scheduled me for a pelvic ultrasound just to see if everything was okay down there. I had the ultrasound Friday and had to wait until today to find out what those results might show. I'm glad that my toddler decided to be on his best behaviour today while we waited. It was such a relief! He can be quite the trouble maker if he chooses to be!

Once I was finally sent back to see my doctor, she calmly told me what had been found. Keep in mind that I was prepared for the worst and was cringing with anticipation as she said, "Everything looks perfect. You're ovaries and uterus look absolutely perfect." I was nearly bowled over with this horrible information until it finally sunk in. "What?" I questioned. She assured me that the ultrasound had shown no abnormalities or any problems whatsoever. She prescribed me some pills to take for ten days and told me that this would take care of the problem and should get my periods going again. I have no idea what they are because I haven't picked them up yet. As crazy as it may sound, now that I know my ovaries and uterus are perfect, maybe I don't really want my period back. Hahaha! I know, I know, I guess I'm just hard to please sometimes! I will pick up the pills over the next couple of days and see if they do what they are supposed to. I'm just so tired of it all! I have learned one thing though. I will never take depo provera again!

Now maybe I can take my pills and wait for my period to return while catching up on things! I have so much to do! I hope to have my review of the Isis up right here on my blog within the next couple of days. At least now I know my girly stuff is in working order!


Miss KissThis said...

I was on Depo for a year and a half. Never again!

I went on the pill right after, so my period returned within a few months, but it came back with a vengence. I think the period gods are sending me the ones I missed.

I'm glad you're not on it anymore. That horrible drug!

Horny Toads said...

You know, I really is a horrible drug. I don't see how they can justify it's use. I also don't think that the doctors who prescribe it are as informed about it as they should be. If you go by what the manufacturer says, it all sounds so mild as far as side effects but, for those on this that want to plan a pregnancy...good luck!

I actually thought it was just me at first but, then I googled it. Needless to say, I was utterly shocked!

I too am glad I am off of it and also glad that you are too. I feel that every woman on this needs to get off of it as soon as possible! Honestly, I have no medical problems and my last injection was Feb. 2008. I still have no period and I need pills to get it started...who knows what from there. I just wish I had originally gone with an alternative. Maybe this will help a reader who is considering using depo to go with something else instead! =)

Miss KissThis said...

I agree with everything you said. If my doctor at the time would've told me there was a chance of depression then I would have thought about it differently.

I didn't deal with only physical problems (weight gain, period woes, etc) but thought I had a chemical imbalance. I was prescribed anti-depressants, but decided to try going off of Depo first. Once that drug was out of my system I felt fine.

They really need to pull it.