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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TMI Tuesday!

1. What do find is the most exciting part of a new sexual encounter?

I can’t really break that one down into one thing. There’s just so much all at once for me. Probably the most powerful emotion that I am feeling during any new sexual encounter would be the, "am I doing it right?" feeling. "Am I good enough? Does that look on their face mean they like it or hate it?" I don’t know, I guess I’m just really into pleasing my partner so, I guess their pleasure is what is the most exciting for me.

2. Do you have "a most exciting part of a sexual encounter" with a usual partner?

Well, yeah. I love to orgasm and what could be more exciting than that? I do love it when hubby takes control though. It’s hard for him to do that sometimes because he is the gentle type but, every once in awhile, "Oh, Hell Yes!" Pull my hair and spank my ass! I love it!

3. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you just met?

Well, when I met hubby, I was brutally honest with him. Almost like I was just asking for him to run screaming into the night away from me! I had divorced a psycho two years previous though so, I wanted to make sure this one would judge me right off the bat if he was going to. Turns out he didn’t and I’m so glad!
As far as with people I don’t have an interest in like, in the waiting room at the doctors office or something, I’m really not too open with them. I am honest and will answer questions honestly and that may shock some people but, they shouldn’t ask if they don’t want to know!

4. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you work with?

That really depends on the person. If it’s someone that I know will go and blab to everyone else that I work with, I give them as little information as possible. If it’s someone who I know wants my honest thoughts, I will be as open and honest as they need me to be!

5. How open and honest are you about your life with a casual acquaintance who lives in your neighborhood (or the parent a your child's friend or...)?

Well, there again, it depends on the person. If it’s someone who I know does not or would not agree with me on my sexual practices then, no, I’m not very open with them. That is only because I’m trying to protect my child. I don’t feel like they should be punished for things they don’t even know about. If their friends parents knew how many sex toys I owned, they may not allow their child to be friends with mine and that’s not fair to my child. So, I just try to avoid the whole situation for their sake. I really don’t see their friends parents much anyway.

Bonus (as in optional): Define a "normal" as in "normal relationship" or "normal sex life".

Normal would be anything that works for you! Everyone is different and needs something different. If it works out mutually for you and your partner both, it’s normal! Just make sure you’re both having fun! No one should ever be forced to do something they don’t want to!