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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review for Tunti Enterprises: Tunti Illuminated Boudoir Toybox

I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with this Tunti case! I knew from admiring them at Tunti Enterprises website that it would be a great addition to my bedroom. When it arrived, I was even more excited because yes, it’s even better in person!

The Tunti turned out to be just as rugged as I had been hoping it would be! You see, this is a hard case for your sex toy storage needs. That’s right! You won’t have to worry about this one getting smashed by much of anything unless you run over it with your car! I’ve tossed mine around and dropped it on hard surfaces that has resulted in no damage at all. Your toys are safe in the Tunti for sure!

The Tunti sports a durable plastic handle that is comfortable to grip as well as two sturdy latches to hold it closed. These latches are lock latches so you can lock it up with the two included keys and no one will be able to guess what you may have inside! This case looks more like a camera case or video equipment case than a sex toy case! Only you will know what’s really inside.

Once I lifted the lid open, I was amazed at the row of LED lights across the top! That is an amazing touch and a welcome surprise as well as thoughtfulness in design. I don’t know how many times I have rummaged around inside of a sex toy case trying to find what I was looking for in dim light, only to have to turn on the bright overhead lights to see what I was looking for. That always puts such a damper on the moment too! With the Tunti case, I don’t have that problem. It lights up enough for me that I can easily see what I need and retrieve it quickly while the mood is still set! The light then shuts off when the lid is closed.

The LED lights are powered by 2 AA batteries that are easily changed when needed. You could even use rechargeables to be more environmentally friendly. Either way, it’s not a hard or complicated process to change them out and they should last for quite some time.

After my initial delight at the LED lights, I then noticed how sexy and welcoming the lining is. It’s a deep purple velvet lining that just makes me feel sexy when I look at it! This case just delights all of my senses!

The lid on the Tunti has a surprising amount of space to store lubes, toys, condoms or whatever you decide to store here. There is a mesh bag attached to the top that velcro closes so your items will stay put!

Laying across the bottom section of the case, I found a thick plastic divider that runs the full length of the case. It has the Tunti Enterprises logo as well as a little metal grip so that you can easily lift it off to access the contents of the bottom. This divider keeps the contents of the top from coming into contact with the contents on the bottom. You could either use this to keep silicone toys from touching one another or to keep any lubes that have sprung a leak from dripping all over your items in the bottom. Definitely a nice touch to help keep all your toys safe!

The bottom section is lightly padded and features moveable dividers so you can customize it for your needs. It is 12" by about 10 1/4" so there is no problem fitting just about any toy in here even rabbit vibes! There’s even another mesh pouch that runs the length of the case attached to the back. You could store some extra button cell batteries, condoms or whatever in here too! There’s just limitless possibilities on how you could customize this depending on what you want to put inside. Perfect for just about any size toy you have!

So what do I think about the Tunti? I want another one! I love it and can’t say enough good things about it! No, it will not solve my storage needs but then again, I have a very large collection. It is the perfect solution for keeping my favorites close at hand and well protected though! If I’m looking for my favorite toy, I know exactly where it is because it’s in the Tunti case!

The Tunti case is perfect for travel too! No one will ever know what’s inside and it’s sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry constantly about your toys being smashed. The Tunti will keep them safe and discreet! Definitely a good investment and a must have in my bedroom! I absolutely adore my Tunti!

Want to get one for yourself? Go to Tunti Enterprises and get one today! You’ll be glad you did!


adriana said...

Wow! This seems pretty amazing!

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I enjoyed reading your review. I just got my Tunti Toybox and reviewed it -- with my own photos -- at

Don't you love how much this case can hold?

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