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Sunday, March 22, 2009 review: BendyBeads

The Fun Factory BendyBeads are packaged quite nicely, as are all items I’ve received thus far that have been manufactured by Fun Factory. There were no scantily clad models demonstrating their pleasure in their facial expression pictured on the box anywhere. All you will see are the BendyBeads themselves as well as some information about the product in four different languages.

Since my partner is fairly new to the world of anal play, I was looking for an item that would be a good choice for him as a beginner, but wouldn’t be something he quickly advanced from at the same time. These anal beads provide a wide range of sizes that start off small and enlarge with each bead down to the handle that Fun Factory dubs the "Royal curl." That made these a fantastic choice for him because he could stop whenever he felt he had reached his limit! They also help by serving as a guide for his current size limitations as well as his progression.

Upon my initial inspection, I found that there was no smell whatsoever coming from these beads, even when they were stuck right under my nose. You’ve gotta love 100% medical grade silicone! Not only is it phthalate free and scent free with a flexible, velvety texture but it can be sterilized too! That way, if these beads don’t work out for my partner, I can give them a go to see what they’ll do for me! If it turns out we both like them, that’s okay too because we can both use them as long as we sterilize them before sharing! They’re easy to sterilize. Just boil them for 3 minutes, run them through your dishwasher on the top rack with no soap or wipe them down with a 10% bleach solution followed up by a good rinse. That’s it! They are now sterilized! If sterilization is not required, simply wash them off in the sink with antibacterial soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner.

One more important point to mention about these beads is that they are truly 100% silicone. What I mean is, there is no string in between these beads that will absorb anything. I’m sure some of you out there already know how easily such a string can stain and become unsightly. You will never have that problem with these! They are solid silicone!

When put into use we found that these beads are rather bendy, as their name implies. You can actually bend them around into a circle they are so flexible! That left us with no worries about them being able to follow our anatomy comfortably and safely! It did make penetration with them a bit more challenging though. I could not simply hold onto the curl handle and push them into my lovers ass. I found that I had to push each bead in individually instead. It wasn’t a major problem at all, just a minor hiccup worth mentioning! Unfortunately, that also meant any kind of thrusting was out!

With the first four beads now placed inside my partners ass, he was full and unwilling to take in the last of the five beads. I told him that was fine with me because I am only wanting him to have fun. It’s very important to listen to your body too, especially when you’re just starting out! There should be no pain at all! If you experience any, stop what you are doing immediately! Never use any desensitizing agents or you may just wind up with an injury you are unaware of happening! Always use lots and lots of a good lube(we like Maximus)and use foreplay to help loosen up the anal sphincter muscles! To help loosen the sphincter muscles, a bullet vibrator will fit into the curl handle of these beads and vibrations travel fairly well through the material. Sometimes a little vibration will go a long way to help get things loosened up!

While he was able to feel some mild P-spot or prostate stimulation, it wasn’t anything to write home about. Just keep in mind that he is new to these sensations so may be able to pick up on them a bit more easily than a more advanced user. Everyone’s body is different too so nothing is ever a one size fits all in this category! He did love the added stimulation to all those nerve endings located in the anal area though! While they were also very comfortable for him to wear, he received the most enjoyment from these when they were removed during his orgasm. It took us a few times to get this timed just right, but when we did, he absolutely loved it! He gives them a five out of five on the orgasmic scale and would recommend them to anyone out there who are starting to explore the world of anal play or to more advanced users alike because the sensation of them being removed during orgasm are indescribable!

Now after a quick clean-up and boil, it was my turn to step up to the plate! Low and behold, my partners love of these beads had not stopped even though I was now the one wearing them! I am more experienced in all things anal so, I did insert all five beads. While they felt great to me and helped to add that extra stimulation I crave, the missionary style position turned out to be a turn on for him too! He could feel the beads rubbing along the bottom of his cock when he was thrusting into me! He loved the feel of this! Doggie style didn’t feel as amazing for him but cowgirl and reverse cowgirl both offered different sensations he enjoyed! I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well! The BendyBeads gave me that extra full feeling that I love! Almost like my lover was fucking me in both holes at the same time! Removal when I was close to climax totally pushed me over the edge into ecstacy! So, yeah, I also rate them a five out of five on our orgasmic scale! We love these anal beads!

Now, just as a reminder, it’s recommended to use only water based lubes with silicone toys or there could be a reaction causing damage to the silicone material. You can find a great selection of water based lubes at so, make sure to pick some up at along with your new BendyBeads to try something new with your lover! We doubt that you will be disappointed at all!

Additional BendyBead information:
They are sterilizable, phthalate free, latex free and body safe.
They are 10 ½" total length with about 7 ½" of insertable length.
The first/smallest bead is about the size of a grape while the largest/last bead is approximately the size of a golf ball.

We would like to thank for allowing us to review this product for them! Check them out for some great deals on sex toys as well as to get your very own set of Fun Factory BendyBeads today!