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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Babeland review: The Boss!

The Boss, is the BOSS! But, there appears to be several different versions of the Boss so I’ll be focusing on the version that I personally have. The version that I have is a Babeland exclusive g-spot vibrator from Fun Factory. It’s pretty hefty in size at 1 3/5" in diameter and has a lusciously curved head to provide ample g-spot stimulation. It’s overall length is 8 3/4" with 6 1/2" being the insertable portion.

The battery cap and controls on mine are very similar to the Ellove that I also own. I have a bit of difficulty getting these caps closed but once they are closed, everything works fine and they have never popped off during use. They sort of push on then twist rather than just screwing on but I guess it could just be me that’s the problem. I’m not really known as being the most coordinated person so who knows? Either way, once it’s shut, it’s shut and that’s all that really matters.

The controls consist of a + and - button that obviously either increase or decrease the vibrations. The + button will initially turn the vibe on to a low, steady vibration. This is followed by two more speeds of steady vibration. Pushing the + button again while it’s on high will allow you to cycle through the three different patterns of vibration. When your ready to turn it off, just push the - button until it shuts off. There is also an additional button that is intended for a brief boost of power. This button only mildly increases the power from the 4-AAA's and only "boosts" the power as long as you hold it down. This was a bit of a problem for me when things got slippery because I wasn’t able to push it when I needed too. There wasn’t a problem when my partner used it on me so I guess it’s more of a solo issue and again, it could just be me.

As far as how the Boss felt, I really loved it....a lot! That’s surprising to me because I usually don’t go for the bigger vibes but there’s just something about this one. It’s made from silicone that is soft and velvety so there is some give to it when it’s inserted which makes it quite comfortable yet filling. It’s not rigid and that’s always a plus for me when it comes to size. The bigger a dildo is with me, the more flexible it must be or it’s going to be a no-go! The Boss passed this test and felt amazing while doing it! It really hit all the right internal spots for me and the ridge under the head was easily felt against my vaginal walls. It’s much more stimulating than I had originally thought it would be and that was definitely a nice surprise!

The vibrations from the Boss really didn’t do much for my clit but hey, it really isn’t designed for that. The vibrations shined for me when they were used internally. They somehow even seemed stronger from inside than what they had been during external use on my clit. I really can’t explain why that happened with me but it’s true. The vibrations just felt more intense from inside my cunt. It turned out to be quite easy for me to get off on this one even without any added clitoral stimulation. Just for the record though, I have never been able to squirt but I do have g-spot orgasms and this one did provide me with some very satisfying ones indeed! Unfortunately though, I still did not squirt. Alas, I think my squirter is broken.

As sensual and stimulating as I found the Boss to be, I’m happy to report that it really isn’t that loud either. While it could probably be heard through the blankets, I could not hear it through our closed bedroom door but to be honest, I wouldn’t care how loud this vibe was because I’d use it anyway! I love it that much! Everyone within earshot of me should count themselves lucky though! They’ll only have to put up with my loud moans when I’m using this one!

The insertable portion of the Boss is made from 100% silicone so it has no smell, is non porous and phthalate free so water-based lubes only! This also means that you could share it if you could pry it out of your hands! Just make sure to wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution followed by a good rinse first. If sterilization isn’t required, simply wash it off with antibacterial soap and water or use your favorite toy cleaner according to its directions. The Boss is splash-proof too and that always helps out during cleanup! Just keep in mind that you probably shouldn’t submerge this one though.

Well, it really didn’t take long for the Boss to win me over! Its won a place of honor in my bedroom and I’ll admit that it definitely is THE BOSS! Just remember that it’s only available from Babeland so go check it out to get your own! Just be advised that I believe it has been replaced by the Boss Lady. The Boss Lady appears to be identical to the Boss that I received except mine is black instead of a vibrant hot pink. Check out the pictures of mine below!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

Well, you see, life has this funny way of happening all around you no matter what you've got going on. Sometimes life happens in and jumps up to bite me on the ass so I'll pay more attention to things than I normally do. Maybe so that I will look more deeply into my husbands eyes or be more observant of the silly things that my kids are doing so I'll be able to remember them for a lifetime.

It all started because of the recent storms. We got a lot of them in my area. So much so that the schools even closed down. Roads were washed out, houses were flooded and the power was off for days! Then another storm came through. I didn't think I would ever get my phone service back! My vegetable garden was lost and had to be replanted but things are finally back to normal. Hopefully that is as bad as the storms will get this year and I can get on with our summer plans now. Being stuck in a house with everyone and no electricity got pretty crazy. Everyone was cranky and it was easy for tempers to flair. We had our share of arguments but nothing too bad until after the storms. Yes me and my wonderful husband had a pretty heated argument. Nothing physical mind you! Well, unless you count the few times I slapped him. Nah! We won't count those!

What were we fighting about? Well, I was mad. Not at him but at the fact that I could possibly be losing a member of my family very soon. This person was refusing at the time to be treated and I'm still unsure of their final decision but this infuriated me! I wasn't supposed to tell my husband which led to me yelling and being mad at him. Mostly because he was there I guess. He had no idea what was wrong with me and I'd hurt him so he yelled back. There was a lot of things on both ends being yelled but the thing that allowed me to continue being mad at him was because I was hurting and he couldn't tell! Of all the people in my life, how could he not tell? How could he not see that something was seriously wrong? How could he not see how much I needed him to hold me close and tell me everything was going to be okay? WHY?! Was he blind? Well, no, he wasn't blind. He was just unaware. I'm sorry that he didn't know but now he does regardless of my promise because I couldn't carry this burden all alone. I opened up to him about it and needless to say, he felt bad that he didn't see it too. So, here we are.... Now what?

My point I am trying to make here is don't let stupid little arguments stop you from enjoying those you love because, honestly, you never know when that moment is going to be your last. Maybe your last moment to be happy and enjoy being together without learning of a serious condition that could take their life soon. There's always other things that could happen too. Car wrecks, heart attack or anything! You just never know. I don't want to be someone who wakes up one day all alone and a widow thinking about all of the times I could have really enjoyed being with my husband rather than arguing with him. How stupid that would be for me to waste the time I had with him being mad about something trivial! From this moment on, I pledge to always look deeper into his eyes and softly trace the lines of his body as I try to imprint them into my brain so that I'll never forget no matter what! I want to always remember how my fingers and hands feel running over his smooth skin and the way it looks and even the way it changes color as I drag my nails across it. I don't ever want to forget any of it so long as I live.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well, it's Half-Nekkid Thursday again so I've decided to post a picture of my own this week. I hope you like it!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009's "Give me Fever"-Sex Toys Giveaway Contest!’s “Give me Fever”— Sex Toys Giveaway Contest!

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Sexual freedom?

My last post kind of touched on my previous life or so I like to call it. I call it my previous life because you would never guess that I am even remotely the same person now. You see, sex toys were taboo for me before. Sure, I’ve always been interested in them but I was told things like, "Sex toys are only for whores." or "What do you need something like that for? I’m all you need." Yeah, crap like that. It’s hard to say what would have happened in a situation where I had purchased one during the time that I was married to my Ex and he would have found it. I shudder to think! Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge now and I don’t like to re-visit that part of my life. I’m just glad it’s over and I’m free to do whatever I damn well please now!

My current partner is truly the love of my life and I really believe that we are soul mates or whatever you’d like to call it. He’s there for me no matter what I want and he never judges me or restrains me. Well....okay, maybe he has restrained me before but not in a bad way! He’s totally open to anything and everything I want to do. He’s totally there for me no matter what and I love that about him! The best thing about him is that he’s never called me a whore even though I now have an entire bedroom full of sex toys! He’s even just as excited as I am when we’re waiting for that new shipment to arrive! I can truly be free with him to express myself sexually and trust me, I can get pretty freaky sometimes but when you consider my previous constraints, all has a tendency to come out at once sometimes! You know what though? He loves it and he feels free to express himself as well. I think that is a very important part of a relationship because there’s just nothing greater than total freedom in the bedroom!

Just to let you know, I will be posting an HNT picture so don’t forget to check that out too!