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Monday, June 22, 2009

A relationship confession

It's been hot here for days and I'm starting to feel as though I simply can't take it anymore. It's not supposed to be like this already! For crying out loud, it isn't August! Where did these 90-100 degree days come from?! UGH!

These hot days pose so many problems for me that you have no idea! I'm now stuck in this house with three kids because it's too hot outside for me to feel comfortable sending them outside for awhile. This leads to all three kids fighting, all three kids wanting to take over my big HDTV for their games, all three kids fighting over the TV I have granted them permission to play their games on, all three kids complaining that they're bored and all three kids wanting to go to their Grandma's house. Now, I have no problem with them going to their Grandma's house mind you! In fact, I really enjoy it but before you get the wrong idea here, I love my kids like nobodies business! I just need breaks from them sometimes or nothing ever gets done! As a matter of fact, I'd probably shrivel up into a mumbling ball of insanity if I didn't get breaks from them once in awhile!

I have to admit that these hot days have taught me a few things about my relationship. I know that sounds odd but you have to hear me out first! It all started when the love of my life just happened to be working on the riding lawnmower. The NEW riding lawnmower that I gifted to him last father's day mind you! Just the fact that it was broken already led me to the conclusion that this was as good an excuse as any to argue with him. My hopes were that I'd get him riled up enough that he'd come inside to the air conditioning to give me a good spanking but it didn't work! Damn it, it didn't work! The upside of this is that the grass is now all mown nicely, though a bit dry and perhaps dead looking due to the heat but I will NOT walk through the yard if I can't see what's in the grass! There could be like five snakes in there waiting to get me! EEKK! Okay, probably not but you get the idea....

Through my attempts to get him riled up at me, I realized that he's better at relationships than I am! How is that possible?! Well, it's actually kind of simple when you think about it. First of all, unlike me, he lets things go very easily. I mean, I could stand there and list a hundred things that I don't like about him but they all just roll of his back......well, usually. I mean, we all have our exceptions, right? Anyway, I could say anything and he simply won't argue with me. I can tell him what a dick he's being and he'll simply say, "Yeah, but you love me anyway." What kind of an argument starter is that?

The next thing I noticed about him was that he knows how to keep things exciting. You know how when you're just starting out in a relationship and everything is new and full of sexual tension? Well, after awhile that tends to wear off and things may become a bit predictable or even boring. He knows how to get around this though! He knows how to set up date nights and take me out to dinner without even knowing what is going on until I'm sitting down at a table somewhere. He's also fantastic about bringing home flowers to surprise me with. It's the little things like that and speaking of the little things, he'll even hug me and tell me how beautiful I am even after I've been working in the vegetable garden. I can be covered in dirt and sweat from my head to my toes and he'll still grab me and love on me! Wow, right?

Another wonderful thing about him is that he knows how to love me. That may sound weird but we all need love in different ways whether that be confessions of love or through actions like hugs and strokes. We're all different in that respect but he KNOWS how to love ME and I love that about him. He also never goes to long throughout the day without flirting with me. There's nothing like flirting to make me feel sexy and wanted!

What all of this boils down to though is that he's better at this than I am. I'm willing to admit this right now but I probably won't later. I suck at relationships for the most part but he doesn't. I don't feel like he should be the only one working on these things though and I should really step up to the plate but damn it! I fucking LOVE the make-up sex! How am I ever going to get any make-up sex if I can't get him to argue with me! I crave that raw attraction when everything you've been holding onto suddenly lets go and you just go at it! Yeah, that's some good stuff right there! Maybe that's my contribution though.....who knows?