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Wednesday, June 3, 2009 Wishlist Contest Entry

When I saw that was having such a fantastic contest that could potentially make my toy box overflow, I couldn't wait to participate! They have such a fantastic assortment that I wasn't sure just how I was going to fill my wishlist though! So many choices, oh my!

Here's what I came up with and I'm so excited for whoever wins! Good luck to everyone!

1. Kama Sutra Lover's Paint Box because sex and chocolate go hand in hand at our house! $40.49

2. Dust Your Sweetie-Pink Flirt because it would be a blast to tickle my lover with this delectable dust to lick off later! $33.89

3. Deluxe Leather Bondage Kit because it has everything I need to keep my lover right were I want him! $55.89

4. Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups because it promises that I will feel every inch my lover has to offer as well as giving me an oral sex experience like no other! $197.49

5. Elite 7X Sex Exciter Ruby because I love for his cock to vibrate and maybe it will even keep him from getting off too soon! $46.49

6. Cock Ring Leather W/Red Heart because it would look so cute on my lover's cock! $23.89

7. LAYAspot massager (Vanilla/Chocolate) because my clit needs some lovin'! $70.49

8. Rhinestone Sub-Collar because maybe if my sweetie had a collar on me with a leash, he could pull it instead of my hair! $60.89

9. BWarm Soy Massage Candle in Fig because it would help set the mood and smell oh, so nice! $27.89

10. Liv in Navy Blue because it's silicone, rechargeable and beautiful! $107.49

11. Massage Candle Aphrossia/Roses because I love candles and candles that melt into massage oil are even better! $21.49

12. SportSheet-King Size Restraints because they would be so easy and fun to use! $183.19

13. Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit-Pink because it will ensure liberation of my sexual soul! $88.49

14. Don Wands Clear Nubby Swirl because I love warmed glass toys to help sooth me into oblivion! $29.89

15. Pink Water 1.7 Oz. because I'm really going to need some lube with all of this! $9.49

16. Vivid Extra Thin 3 PK Condom because, well, my husband is going to want to fuck me after watching me play with all of the above. $2.49

And there you have it! My wishlist for the contest! The total on this Wishlist is $999.94 and you can read more about this contest at!